Friday, May 14, 2010

Where is that Mary Kate? Now if I could only get rid of an Ashley too...

That's right.  I've officially lost an Olsen twin (that's 100lbs. for those of you who do not watch Extra, read People, or subscribe to the Cult of Holywood).  It's slightly over the 1/2 mark, so now I just need to lose the other twin.  I guess I could think of it as .75 of a Justin Beiber, but I'm a little more mature that that.  In fact, when my doctor first told me he thought I could get "somewhere in the 150's" all I could think of was, "Wow!  That's a whole Backstreet Boy!  Soaking Wet!"  (am I aging myself with that reference?).

I got on the scale this morning and it was 253.5.  My first visit with the doctor was 353.4.  Close enough.

So I celebrated by going to work, drinking a protein shake, and then ending my day with, what else, delicious BBQ pork and baked beans. 

That Ashley had better sleep with one eye open.  I'm coming for her ass.


  1. That's so awesome!!!! Congratulations!!!!!
    I bet Ashley is real scared, she better be LOL.

  2. Are you planning on posting a new pic anytime soon? Just curious :)

  3. Yeah you! How about some pics. Nothing talks like some pics. How do you feel?

  4. I want to talk to you. Anne (SmallerFunPants) told me about you. I'm considering the surgery. So can I ask questions or do you want me to shove off? ;-)

  5. POD: I'm definitely up for a chat. I'll send you my e-mail...