Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Yes, things are better today.  I don't have a chance in hell of ever being ghetto-fabulous (I don't even know if that's still a desireable sort of thing), so I am feeling suburban fabulous today.  Even with my rapidly thinning hair.  SERIOUSLY.  It's like long, brown (although I'm a blonde at heart) strands of cotton-candy compared to my lustrous thick locks of yore (pre-surgery). 

I mentioned this to a nurse and my employee who overheard me asked if she was going to lose her hair now that she was on a diet.  I explained that it is a natural body reaction to losing so much so quickly, and then she tells me, "Me too!  I can lose 3 pounds overnight!"  (At this point, I was extremely tempted to ask her if that was because she pooped, just to see the reaction.  Luckily, my HR training kicked-in just in time to shut down that little comment).  I did tell her that 3 pounds overnight, while impressive (even if it was just *POOP*) is not comparable to losing 90 lbs in 90 days.  Then she told me that she had lost 100 lbs before, and if she does that again and loses her hair she will just DIE.  Again the HR training jumped in to keep me from saying, "Really?  You are gonna die from hair loss?"  But I am putting a note in her file.  "Argumentative to the point of begging to be slapped."

Uh oh.  The Anger Genie from yesterday just escaped from the bottle.  And I was doing so well, too.  C'est la vie.  (That's what all the fabulous people are saying).


  1. Haha, don't worry about the anger genie making a last minute appearance. I think you did GREAT controlling yourself with the *POOP* girl! To funny!!!

  2. Eesh. I could never control my mouth around stupid people like that. I probably don't have a future in HR.

    Let's add that to the list. :)

  3. Thanks, ladies. I often feel as though I burn calories from the strain on my patience. :-)