Monday, May 10, 2010

What's with the hungry?

I've started going to local support groups for people who have had weight loss surgery, and I'm always the newbie.  It surprises me that there aren't more people that are within their first 6 months that go--this seems like it would be the most complicated and confusing time.  But most everyone was 2-6 years out, so their day-to-day experiences are radically different than mine.

I met a woman who had the gastric sleeve procedure, which is relatively rare (I think my surgeon has done less than 20 of them, as opposed to thousands of roux-en-y and bands).  And she was very quiet for the whole meeting.  At the end, as I was walking by, I heard her say very quietly, "Am I the only one who gets hungry?"  Bigmouth that I am, I piped up, "Nope.  It's not just you."  She seemed relieved.

But I do wonder about this...some people who have the RNY procedure just don't ever get hungry.  Ever.  If I actually pay attention I feel hungry almost all the time.  The hard part is figuring out if it's head hunger or actual body hunger.  I've had people tell me that it's not possible for me to feel hungry at less than 4 months out from surgery because your nerves are too scrambled.  Well, my nerves are scrambled to the point of hungry.  And I don't care if it's my Pouchie or if it is my head.  It's irritating and uncomfortable and makes me feel out of control.

The whole point of having the surgery was to find a point of control when it comes to food.  Right now I can almost see it, but that control seems to just slip around the next corner right as I start to catch up.

Sigh.  So tonight I'm off to eat my protein pudding...wish me luck.


  1. I am not a huge fan of that hungry feeling. But sometimes I can get through it easier than other times if I remember that I spent a LOT of years NOT being hungry at all. In fact, I ate all the time so I wouldn't feel hungry.

    What can you do to soothe your physical or head hunger? I know there are dietary/physical I'm just trying to brainstorm on what you could do to make you feel more

    Also, way to go for finding a support group. I'm with you - I would think that this time would be the hardest and I think you're so smart for figuring out what it will take to make YOU feel better.

  2. That's great you are in a support group!

    That's weird, lately I have been SO HUNGRY, and I have been giving into it and eating :( Not just eating, over eating! I haven't had the surgery of course, but have wondered myself the same things. Am I really hungry? (My answer this week has been "yes" that's why I gained Monday. grrrr)

    Maybe you should bring it up at the next meeting? See what others do about this.

  3. Hi ladies:

    Thanks for responding. I've been told I need to eat more frequently. That's pretty hard right now because of pressure at work but I'm gonna try. I'll let you know how it goes....