Friday, March 12, 2010

Why do we eat?

BWLS (before weight loss surgery), I ate for many, many reasons:
  • It was noon (time to eat!)
  • I wanted to try something new, or have a new experience
  • I was bored
  • I just "wanted a taste"
  • I was happy and wanted to celebrate
  • I was sad and wanted to carb it all away (pasta worked well for this)
  • I didn't feel well and thought I needed food
  • It looked/smelled good
  • I didn't want to feel deprived
  • I just wanted a snack
  • I was hungry
  • I thought I was hungry
Now, here are my reasons:
  • I get hungry
  • I get that "run-down" feeling because I haven't eaten in a while
  • It's been more than 3 hours since I ate, and I know that if I don't eat now, I will start to feel really awful in a bit
That's it.  No "because it tastes good", no boredom relief.  Just pure physical need.  Weird.  I'm still not used to it, and I don't know how long it will take me to get there.  I do know, however, that I don't think I could have gotten to this point without surgery.  I know many people manage it, but I wasn't one of them.

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