Monday, March 8, 2010

My own weight loss Oscars!

I love the Academy Awards.  Always have.  Love the dresses, love the dumb speeches, love guessing the winner, love love love.  So yeah, I liked it a bit.   I was actually inspired to create my own Weight Loss Awards.  So, no stupid bits, or musical theatre, lets cut to the chase and open the damn envelopes already.  And the top ten winners are...

1.  Best WLS website:  Seriously has the best information, greatest support board, good shopping, and good advice.
2.  Best WLS blog:  Funny, smart, and has the best resources and information.  And she keeps it real--talking about her own medical issues since having her WLS.  And she curses.  AND she is on Kindle (now that is some major street cred!)
3.  Best WLS recipes:  I've already told you about Shelly, aka. "eggface."  She taught me to make a roast and WLS friendly ice cream.  She is the best.
4.  Best gift for a Post-Op who is also...oh look, a kitty!  What? Oh!...ADD:  the Salubrion Enso Clock Meditation Timer.  I tend to wander off and 3 hours later realize that I haven't had anything to drink (as I'm about ready to pass out).  This clock is great--I set it to chime every fifteen minutes, and that's the cue to sip from my cup.  Oh, and the chime is lovely--I'd pee my pants if I had a buzzer alarm go off all the time.  It was designed for meditation, but I use it to keep hydrated.
5.  Best gift for a person who will be stuck in the hospital for 5 extra days (and the subsequent ER visits):  Yup.  You gotta get a Kindle.  Saved me from having Death By Boredom.
6.  Nicest post-surgery complement to date:  "Huh.  Are those the pants all the clowns are wearing now?" --from my sarcastic but very sweet friend, upon watching me hoist my pants up to my armpits for the 40th time.
7.  The gift (fingers crossed) that makes me wanna pack a lunch:  The Laptop Lunch lunchbox.
8.  Best nurse at Rose Medical Center:  It's a tie between the one who complemented my backside (see previous post) and the one who cried with me when she had to put the NG tube back in after it fell out.
9.  Best CNA at Rose Medical Center:  the adorable woman from Russia who told me she was "mean and bossy" and kept making me walk.  I wish I could adopt her, she was so awesome.
10.  Best weightloss tool (tie)The Blender Bottle (I have a collection of 2 and plan to get another one for the car) and SporTea.  The first is amazing--I can put my protein powder (or Crystal Light stick) in, add water, drop in the whisk ball, and get a smooth, yummy drink with no batteries required.  The second is the only thing I was able to drink for 2 weeks--VERY low caffeine (caffeine-free equivalent), no sugar or artificial sweetener (but tastes great), a little ginger to help soothe Pouchie when she's cranky--it's awesome!

So please, a round of applause for all our wonderful nominees and winners!


  1. but you forgot the "worst dressed"...
    just kidding :) thanks for sharing your list!

  2. THANK YOU! I just found this, and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.