Friday, March 5, 2010

I've lost that lovin' a good way!

So today, I went back to the diner.  I actually just wanted dinner at home, with the cat staring at me and Jeopardy! on, but I was with a friend and we were out and about.

So I got a plate that consisted of 4 pieces of bacon, 2 eggs, and 3 pancakes.  It was the smallest special they had (I had forgotten my "please give this surgical patient a child's meal" card).  I ate one piece of bacon, probably 1/8 of the eggs, and 3 bites of the pancake (with butter and sugar-free syrup).

Here's the thing.  I love any kind of bread product.  From any nation, with any grain in it.  White, wheat, or filled with buckwheat groats (that's a real thing!), I will eat it.  So you know the pancakes were calling my name.

Only...I didn't really answer them.  Why?
1.  Cold pancakes are not luscious and delicious. 
b.  White pancakes have very little of the delicious wheat flavor (which I hadn't realized before). 
3.  They were just...fluff.  They didn't satisfy or taste yummy, and I felt overly full afterward.

So perhaps I AM losing that lovin' feeling for carbs.  I had really hoped that would happen, but I didn't think it would.  It is my biggest downfall, taste-wise, and my biggest health concern (I have MAJOR belly fat and high triglycerides, which has been linked to overeating simple carbs).  So to no longer crave them would be a huge benefit for me.  And I'm starting to see that possibility...yea!

Apparently french fries are not included in this new aversion, however, because I was able to eat 2 of them from a friend's McDonald's bag last weekend and I felt just fine.  In fact, they were delicious and very satisfying.  Damn.  Maybe I will start loving squash in return for it.  That would be good.

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