Tuesday, March 2, 2010

2 new FIRSTS...in one day

So today I went to a restaurant for the 1st time since my surgery.
*cue music* DUM Dum dum *end music*

I met my fabulous friend Joanie at an old school diner in Denver called Sam's #3 (look it up if you're in the area).  They have the most amazing chili, and I ordered a small cup of it, with a little cheese, and a side of home fries (which are more like sliced and cooked potatoes there).  I did okay, but I was definitely too full when we were done. 

Lessons learned:
1.  Really, let someone else order the home fries and poach one from their plate.  I only ate about 2 bites of them, and that was way too much.  1 bite would have been perfect!
2.  The chili is delicious, but it makes it super-hard not to drink because it's spicy
3.  It's REALLY hard to eat out.  Too many choices, too many distractions from actually eating the food, and too hard to know when to stop.

My second first for today was to make protein ice cream.  I've had 2 days in a row that I didn't get in all my protein, so I thought this would be a fun and delicious way to do it.  I was right!  Here's what I did:
1 packet of mint chocolate protein powder
1 cup of 2% milk
2 T of sugar-free vanilla syrup (although chocolate would probably have been better)
Mix everything using my Braun handblender with the whipping attachment until thick.  Pour into prepared ice cream maker.  Turn it on and remove it about 15 minutes later.

Lesson learned:
1.  YUM!
2.  Did I mention YUM!?

But I only had about 2 bites, because I'm still full from dinner.  I'm just hoping I'm not developing another stricture, because it seems like I can't have as much as I could even last week.  I guess we'll wait and see...

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  1. First of all, I LOVE Sam's #3. Joe and I go there often for breakfast - I love their skillets and breakfast banana splits (banana, yogurt, granola, and fresh fruit).

    Secondly, I really hope taht you're not having another stricture too...does it hurt? :(