Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Talkin' bout motivation!

I weighed myself a day early (I was gonna wait until my 6 week surgiversary tomorrow, but it was a morning that I just needed to know), and I found out that I'm now down about 60 lbs.  Having your stomach and insides re-arranged will do that to you.  And a week of the "Ice-Chip Diet" doesn't hurt either, in which the hospital nurses alternate between letting you have ice chips, or making you suck on a glycerine swap (not recommended, by the way).  So this means I am officially under 300 lbs.  It also means that it is time to start exercising.

You see, I was in so much physical pain before the surgery that I couldn't walk, let alone work out.  So my bargain to myself was that once I was under 300 I would start working out.  I didn't figure on re-injuring my bad knee (pretty sure it was just me crossing my legs indian-style that did it), or not having shoes that fit.  So I'm finding good and valid reasons to keep procrastinating.  But sooner or later, I'm gonna need to work out.

What do you do that motivates you to workout?  What do you love?  I need some help!


  1. Hello Babe. I just found your blog, you are brave to share everything like this! I will have to go back and read some more of it :)
    I too JUST fell below 300 last week :) But I didn't have anything negative with it like having to START working out! lol yuck!
    I hate working out, I do some exercises once in a while in front of the TV. I do have a treadmill though. (we used our income tax in 2008 for it) It is a great investment...even if it took me a year an a half to really start using it!
    Try doing exercises while you watch your favorite shows or to music. Or maybe a work out dvd would help!
    Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

  2. Look at you getting comments! :)

    So, the biggest piece of advice I can give is to do what looks like fun. If it looks fun, it probably is fun. I started out riding my bike (which is when I was 280 pounds) a year and a half ago. I'm not going to lie to you, it wasn't always fun.

    But being outside and away from it all was so helpful and nice.

    The other thing that helps is that I started to shift between "I have to work out because I'm fat" to "I get to move my body to release some of the stress that got me to overeat in the first place." Making that mental mind shift was so helpful - and even though I could bump up my exercise in different ways, I stick with what is fun and what is stress relieving.

    Because when you find that sport/activity that you love like no other, you won't trade it for anything.

    I'm so excited to hear what you're trying and what you like.

    And by the way, 60 pounds gone? You are truly amazing. Way to go. :)

  3. Tina: Way to go! That is does feel good to have a different number at the beginning of your weight, doesn't it?

    Thanks so much for reading. I'd love to get a treadmill, but I'm afraid it will need to wait until all the medical bills are paid. I'm thinking I may get a rebounder for the same type of effect.

    Keep up the good work, and drop by whenever you'd like!

  4. Hi HFP:

    No stricture, according to the doc (YEA!).

    I loved your post, by the way. Isn't it weird what shame will do to our brains?