Monday, September 5, 2011

Gettin' high tech all up in here!

So, apparently I'm very into things that start with vowels.

I have an iMac, an E-Reader, and an iPod, and recently I just got an iPhone.  You know, a SmartPhone.  I have learned that they call them that because they are truly smarter than I am.  Here is my new favorite picture of a high school friend of mine and I giving our best "SmartPhone face" (ie. feeling really old and confused) with my new iPhone:

OK, so I did skip a bit, didn't I?  I went to my 20th high school class reunion, and had an absolute blast!  I was constantly reminded that if I had tried to go 2 years ago, I wouldn't have made it.  It was 110 degrees there, for starters, and at 350 lbs. I would not have survived.  Not to mention the plane ride, the walking, the rental car (they can be too small if you're big), etc.  The best part was seeing people that were a huge part of my life, especially my childhood best friend, S.  My parents moved away when I left for college, so I really hadn't been back to town since Thanksgiving my Freshman year of college and it's really easy to just drift away.

And, this part is a kick, almost everyone told me I looked exactly the same as I did in high school.  In fact, I'm about 1 size smaller now--the dress I'm wearing in the picture above is a 16/18 and my prom dress was a size 20.  THAT was really cool.  Now, if I manage to get back to my college for a reunion, no one will recognize me at all.  I bounced between a size 20 and a size 24 all four years (and I had super-short hair that changed colors about every 3 months with my whim).  I'll have to dig up some pictures of that another day.

Here's the other high tech-ness that I'm trying.  eHarmony.  I know, cliche, but I have no idea how to meet people and frankly I'm 37 and it's time I date.  I am horrified, terrified, and completely out of my league.  But I do believe that if something scares you a little it probably means that it's worthwhile to try it.

Here's the thing:  how do you tell someone you're just meeting (and that you might want to date) that your life was on hold for 10+ years?  Or that the last relationship I had was all one-sided?  Or that I'm trying to figure out what I like and who I want to be still?  It's like my personal development is still stuck at age 21.  And I'm getting matched with people in their 40's, who have had real relationships, been married & divorced, had kids, etc.  How the hell am I supposed to catch up?

I guess the answer is that I don't.  I can only be me--arrested development and all.  Wish me luck!

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  1. Okay, support group is on WED. 9/7 from 6:30-8:00pm, I will BE there!

    As for dating, well, if it were ME I would just go out there and be myself. You have the opportunity to be whoever you want to be and you don't have the baggage that most 40 year olds have (well, at least I mean you don't have an ex-husband or kids, etc.) so that means that YOU get to approach dating with a clean slate. Confidence is the best accessory a gal can have, IMO.

    As for the tech stuff, I am SO lost on that stuff. I do not have a smart phone and frankly don't know that I want to be that connected to my life. I like that I only use my phone for talking and texting. Someday maybe...

    See you on Wed. hopefully!