Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bariatric Surgery yummy stuff!

I have had an amazing weekend, and will be sharing pictures and stories soon.  In the meantime, I just had to share some of the yummiest stuff I've been eating.

If you've had surgery, or are cutting down on sugar, let your fingers run, not walk, over to Shelly's website.  I just made the pumpkin spice muffins, which is her sugar-free take on the ones at Starbucks.  OMG--cakey and lovely, with glazed pumpkin seeds (yup, I made those too) and a cream cheese-type filling.  Please visit here for that specific recipe, but check out her whole site.

I've also been loving the Paul Newman's organic Soy Crisps in White Cheddar flavor--sometimes a bit too much.  They are very hard to find in my area, and I've been harassing our local Spouts market manager to keep me supplied with the crack chips.  8 grams of protein, and tastes better than a lot of the "bariatric products."

Soon, I will be trying roasted chickpeas, which I heard about on a recipe site.  I'll let you know how it goes.  I've also been eating Honeycrisp apples with some really good aged cheddar.  Try them if you get them in your area--sweet and crunchy, which can't be beat.

Obviously, I've been missing a lot of crunchy things lately, so a member of my support group suggested trying some "legal" substitutions.  So far, I've found some wonderful things, and it's been helping.  Let me know what suggestions you have...and if you tell me salted cucumbers or cucumbers marinated in vinegar (blech!) I may have to ban you from further commenting.  :-)

Next post, I'll tell you about the fabulous makeup swap hosted by local makeup artist Carissa that I went to last Thursday, and then info on my fabulous weekend of outdoor activities with my wonderful friends JulieBeth and Little Lefty.  No, you did not read that wrong, OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES!  In fact, I will post some pictures as evidence that I do occasionally go outside, despite my strong aversion to direct sunlight, uneven ground, and dangerous woodland creatures.

I bet you can hardly too, but it's too late to try and figure out how the h*ll to download stuff from my camera (I finally found the charger so I could take pictures) without having the cord to connect it to the computer (I've lost that now too).  So even though I actually went outside, I guess some things don't change.

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