Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Well, crap.

So it's good news, bad news time again.

Good news, I went to my surgeon today for the one-year followup appointment, and I apparently am a weight loss rockstar.  I'm right on track, and he said I should aim for 10 more pounds in the next 3 months.  He was thrilled that I'm off my cPAP machine, that I don't have back pain, and that my triglicerides are down almost 200 points.  He also said I looked great, that he wanted me to be on his patient lecturer panel again, and then he gave me a hug.

Bad news?  His scale said that I was 201.something (I momentarily blacked out after reading 201).  Son of a preacher-man!  What the nut!  And other weird phrases I often use to substitute for actual cursing.

Yes, I know.  It's just a number.  But it's such a LARGE number (not really, this is the overly-dramatic face of the Babe), and I really wanted to be under 200.  Yes, with all my clothes on, having ate breakfast, drank 4 glasses of water, and having not pooped for two days.  Is that too much info?

Hey--fun tidbit!  I weighed myself last week first thing in the morning before I peed and then again after.  Know what?  I lost 1 whole pound just by peeing!  Is it too much info NOW?

So yeah, everything I said about numbers not mattering, and weight is really about how you feel and not the actual number?  All lies!  (again, this may be my overly-dramatic self taking over).

Sigh.  I think I need a 1-week break from weighing in, just to clear my head and remind myself that in the overall scheme of things, IT DOES NOT MATTER.  Anyone else with me on this?  Tell me in your comments...

P.S.  So's that I can end on good news, this does mean that my evil scale truly is evil, since it told me I was 202.something first thing this morning--before drinking, or having breakfast, or putting on my clothes.  My suspicions are confirmed!


  1. You ARE a rock star! Time to start owning that, regardless of whether the scale says 199 or 201. I hope to be reminded of this when my time comes.

  2. Totally agree with your doctor and previous comment (YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR!) - I've been reading your blog's RSS feed today (snowed in here in Chicago) after you mentioned it on facebook a while back. What an amazing and inspirational journey you are on - I am really thankful to have discovered your blog and have had the time to read a lot of it today.

    As far as taking a weigh-in break, I am divided. Someone once told me that anything measured regularly will change (funnily enough, I guess that could mean change either way, but I have always thought it a positive statement). I don't know why, but I think that phrase every time I get on the scale. For some reason, it has helped me take some of the anxiety out of "the number." Most of the time, I feel better if I weigh myself at least every other day, because then I know what I'm dealing with. If I go too long without going on the scale (like I just did for the last week when we were out of town), I tend to be more obsessed than if I at least had a 24-hour-ago number. . .but I'm weird, so maybe a break will help you.

    Anyway - best wishes as you continue your path to skinny. I'll definitely keep up with your posts!

  3. Thanks, Jen! As you can tell, that High School English class we took (you know the one) is really paying off with my bitchin' writing skills. Thanks for checking it out (and for the boost).

    Miss OG, thanks...I hope that I start feeling rock-star-like soon. It always helps to hear it from others though...