Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I said, "Free stuff!"

Wow.  Overwhelming response to my offer to send someone free stuff (but a shout out to my two peeps who did respond--right on!).

I was telling a friend about this and she said, and I quote, "Duh!"  She told me I needed to post a picture of the schwag I've put together for the giveaway so people know what they are getting.  And then I went, and I quote, "Oh.  DUH is right!"

So here you are:

  • A new copy of Geneen Roth's fab book "Women Food and God" on intuitive eating
  • My favorite snack (decent protein in a chip!), Newman's Own Organic White Cheddar Soy Crisps (although I can't promise it will be this exact bag if the munchies strike, but I'll get you a new, unopened one)
  • Single-serve Justin's nut butters--classic almond and honey almond (really good with some apple slices)
  • Myoplex lite protein bar in chocolate chocolate chip.  (Note, the carbs are a little high if you are post-op and tend to dump on carbs--I've never had a problem with them myself, though, and they are seriously good!)
  • Life Script protein powder in chocolate bliss (good for reg'lar people as well as post-ops)
  • The world's best hand lotion...my absolute favorite one by Bliss
Did you guess the theme?  Follow Your Bliss, of course! And how do you win?  I'll give you one week to respond, and draw for the winner on Sunday, Feb. 13--just in time for Valentine's day!

  • Get an entry for posting your favorite strategies in the comment section (please remember to leave me an e-mail address so I can contact the winner). 
  • Get a bonus entry for each suggested strategy (up to 5 bonus entries, although you can always leave more suggestions).
  • Get another entry for announcing this giveaway on your own blog, and get a bonus entry if you include a link to this post.  Be sure to tell me about it in the comment section so you get your bonus entries (and so I can check out your blog).
  • Get a final bonus entry if you spread it to a social-networking site like Facebook, Twitter, or post it on a message board (one bonus entry for each one, and be sure to tell me about it in the comments to get credit).
So let's try this again, shall we?  


  1. My life is so crazy right now that sometime all I can do i go into my bedroom, close the door, and climb in bed with a glass of wine. Good wine is bliss!

    Watching the snow fall is bliss.
    Buying a sexy new pair of shoes is bliss.

    Ok, so I'm gonna blog about it, link to it, FB it, twitter it, message board it, send smoke signals AND finally morse code it.

    That should be like a million entries :)

  2. Hey! It's Desiree from support group. I just wanted to post and let you know that i found you.
    My Bliss: shopping for new clothes, realizing i'm smaller than i have been in a long time.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Aren't you just fabulous, giving away swag and all! You are an inspiration, my dear.

    My strategies for snow (when I lived in CO) and the rain (here in the NW)....

    -Do not allow myself to sit and watch tv. If I want to watch tv, then I have to be moving on the treadmill or just walking in place, doing weights, or other exercises.
    -Drink hot tea. This warms me up, fills me up, and gives me something to sip on.
    -Get creative. Take on a project that has been long forgotten. For example, work on my poor children's baby books.
    -Games. Games on the computer are great, I can waste many hours in front of solitaire or Bejeweled.
    -Read. I love to read, so being able to curl up with a book is a treat for me on yucky weather days.