Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So today, the pizza wasn't that bad.  Luckily, they had it in a different room than the seminar, and I got there 5 minutes late so all the dudes in construction pretty much polished it all off.  Thank goodness.  I think I will eventually try pizza--but maybe a nice home-made low carb crust, low-sugar sauce, and good cheese.

Or I could just continue on my "eat nothing but BBQ beans and chicken" kick.  I wonder if I could make a pizza with BBQ beans and top it with some shredded chicken and aged cheddar.  Mmmmm. Damn.  That actually sounds good.

As far as my other decision, I think I will be buying a bike.  I may have to wait a little while so I can have enough money to do it, but I think I'd really like it.  Yea!  Thank you all voting.  If you have any tips on buying a bike when you know nothing, please send them to me.  My last bike was blue with little clouds on it and "Blue Angel" written across it.  It was beautiful, but I think it does give you an idea of just how long ago this was.

Just as a note on my other "daring deeds", I did buy some new clothes.  I went to a super-fancy bra shop (which I tried to talk my bloggy friend Happy Fun Pants into going along, but she is not so interested in my ta-tas) and I got 2 new bras for the price of a mint-condition classic Pinto (as in car, not as in bean).  All I got for it is a much better looking silhouette, shoulders that are where they belong, and the ability to breathe.  Oh, and I also got felt up by a sales-person, so that was an unexpected bonus.  And I'm still thinking about that Seattle conference.  The "Women, Food, and God" one, not one about ta-tas.

You all give me so much courage.  I'm finding that there is a whole other list of things I want to try...pilates, belly-dancing, travel.  We'll see how I fit it all in (read, afford it on a non-profit-sized paycheck).

I'm off to take a lovely, luxurious shower (can't wait until I can take a bath at the end of the month and can use my Lush bubble bars!)  Next time, we talk barbeque!


  1. LOL, you are so funny! Sorry she isn't interested in your ta-tas but that the clerk was LOL!

    Good for you! I know nothing about bikes, my last one was probably... 5th grade? I hope you find the one that's perfect for you!

    One of my favorite pizzas is actually BBQ chicken with cheddar from Vitale's. I have been BBQ chicken pizza free for probably 2 months now... it's hard... At least the withdraw shakes are done...

  2. As for the bike, my advice would be to not buy it as a discount store. Go to a real bike store where the people who sell bikes, ride bikes. They can fit you to a bike like you get fitted for shoes. Tell them how and where you want to ride. Bikes are more than wheels, pedals, and a seat. They have different bikes for different purposes. I have something called a cruiser. It has a bigger seat, regular handle bars, and a cute little wicker basket on the front! Good luck. Post a picture of your bike when you get it!

  3. Worst friend ever = me. Seriously.

    It's funny because when I read your comment on that post it was actually Thursday night and Joe and I laughed and laughed because it was HYSTERICAL. And then I didn't respond because I read the other comments on that post (which was strangely popular). I didn't know that you were going to decide to go that quickly or I would've responded back quicker. I'm so sorry. :(

    I would've DEFINITELY gone with you to get the bras and I'm so sorry that my silence indicated (as it would to ANYONE ELSE) that I wasn't interested. :( Actually, if you want another one or you want to see me get groped by the lady, I'd go with you again - and maybe buy one of my very own.

    In other news, I have a bike that you are more than welcome to borrow and enjoy (it's currently sitting in storage) and I think it's cute too. You can adjust the seat. :) The bikes have changed a lot since the days when I used to ride them as a I'll give you a quick lesson too. We may need to take a trip to the bike shop to have them pump up the tires as they may be a tad flat. OR if you want, I'll chat with you anytime about how I decided on the bike I got and what I would do differently (a lot!) if I had to do it over again.

  4. HFP: I can't find my math keys, or I would have the = sign with a slash through it to modify your equation. :-)

    We will get together and talk bikes, and buns of steel, and ta-tahs. I bet everyone else is jelous they don't live in Colorado!

  5. Hey there - I'm all for your suggestion!

    And I'll even show you my stretches. I'll try to remember my headband and leggings. Because, you know, you gotta' dress for success.

  6. I got a bike. I have not ridden this year (yet) but will again soon. It's a very nice bike. Cost me a fortune. Good advice, huh?