Monday, June 7, 2010

Breakin' up is hard to do...

Breakin' up with bad habits, that is.  I just really like messing up songs with my own words.  And if you don't know "Breakin' up is Hard to Do" then either you are under 50 years old or your parents never tortured you with the oldies after they found out the words to your favorite Prince song.  Am I dating myself here?

So specifically, my bad habit is not cooking/eating out.  I was being very adventurous and making all my protein-y things, and recently these efforts have dissipated along with the chance of frost.  I even *gasp* bought my lunch today (rotisserie chicken breast from Boston Market, but still more expensive than making it at home).  And this weekend I must have thrown out a fortune's worth of leftovers that I never got to.  If I went out once or twice in a week, my leftover ratio would have been fine.  But 4 times in a week is just too much food, no matter how I look at it.

So perhaps it's time to do some recipe trolling again.  I thought I'd list some of my favorite websites for recipes (to read anyway, since I haven't cooked much from them) in the hopes that it will help lead you there and you will cook one of their yummy-sounding recipes and then invite me over to try them.  I can dream, right?  So here they are:
  • The World According to Eggface.  She is a fabulous WLS blogger and cook, and recently won an expenses-paid trip to NYC on Progresso Soups for a makeover (lucky duck).  For peet's sake, the woman knows how to make low carb donuts and weight loss-friendly ice cream.  I have made her easy-peasy pot roast and it was yummy.  So I just need to try some of her more adventurous stuff. 
  • Maria's Nutritional Consulting.  Now this is not WLS-specific, but it is a great site for anyone wanting to lose weight and get healthier.  She touts low sugar, good carbs, and decent protein content, nutrient-dense food.  I'm thinking I might need her book.  But be careful--she is here for health and not necessarily for those with Gastric Bypass.  So not everything will work for Pouchie, but Pouchie does love for me to read it stories about chocolate.  ("Tell us the story again, about this wonderous thing called 'chocolate'?"
  • Kalyn's Kitchen.  Another one that isn't WLS-specific, but it is low carb.  It does give details on all the low-carb diets, but it has really nutritionally sound stuff.  And it searches like Epicurious--it's seriously huge.  The most recent recipe?  Grilled Pork Kabobs with Spicy Peanut Butter, Sesame, and Soy Sauce Marinade.  Yum. 
  • The Bariatric Foodie.  Brought to you by the Pouch Party ladies.  Love the name.  And the fact that she worked in the phrase, "My 'baby-daddy's-other-babymomma' (henceforth called 'BDOBM')" into the last post.  Awesome.  Oh, and the recipes look good too.  Really good.
So I hereby declare at at some point in the near future that I will actually attempt to cook some of this delicious food I've been reading about. 

I would commit to this week but found out today that I might be developing another stricture, so eating right now is not so much a joy as a job.  I really don't want to have them go in and make Pouchie's mouth any bigger, because it worries me that it might get too stretched.  That would make all of this surgery futile anyway, and probably cause me to gain back the weight.  Yikes.  We'll see what the next few days bring.

Until then, dear readers, consider yourself eating for two and check out some of those recipes!


  1. Eating for 2? It sure seems like I have been lately! Ugh, gotta stop that!!! I will have to check out some of these sites, definitely the one with the BDOBM LOL!

    I'm sorry your having trouble :(
    Good luck, I hope it all gets worked out without to much stretching...

  2. Just checking in to find out how the possible stricture is okay?