Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Less drama, more weightloss

So I get a call today from my good friend D., and she's panicking at me.  Apparently she read last night's post.  "What is the 'something worse' and are you OK?"  And then she follows that statement with, "...or were you just being overly dramatic."  Which makes it sound like she is cynical, but truly she is just a whole lot more realistic and down-to-earth than I am.  I proceeded to remind her that although I am a drama queen and frequently over-react, I am always right about the important things.  Like lipgloss.

So I am sorry for worrying everyone (thank you all for your very sweet comments).  I did actually consult a health care professional this afternoon, and we've narrowed it down to a possible re-hernia and an internal infection.  I swore to her that I would call my surgeon again first thing tomorrow. Which is the sensible thing to do.  Right after the 500 things I have to do tomorrow (uh, I think that type of comment is the "overly dramatic" language D. was referring to).

So I am officially being calm about this and not over-reacting.  But I did verbally update my will with The Mom this evening, telling her to give all my makeup to D. if anything should happen.  Not that I'm over-reacting, though.  D. really needs some new makeup...she's broken all her compacts with her crushing Godzilla-like hands, bless her.

Enough with the drama...on to the weightloss.  Between yesterday and today, I've had about 6 people comment on how "skinny" I'm getting.  It kind of shocks me because I am FAR from skinny.  But it's nice to hear that people are noticing, because I still don't really see it.  I know that I've lost a lot because I can sit on the floor, drive without my belly hitting the steering wheel, go up the stairs without resting halfway through, and wear some clothes I haven't fit into in years.  But I still don't really see it.  I wonder if losing weight this quickly is a little like having a fun-house mirror--you can't be sure of what it is you are looking at.

So here's to reality, courtesy of D.  A more realistic look at some potential health issues, and a more realistic look at what I've accomplished. 


  1. It's ok to be dramatic :) Here's hoping the antibiotics will do the trick though!

    That's great people are noticing :) I can't wait for that. I'm the opposite, I am shocked that I can see changes already, even though I have SO much more to loose... but no one else has said anything yet. (except my fiance) But soon!

    Maybe loosing it so fast is a shock to your system, or maybe your brain just hasn't excepted it yet... lol, ok, I have no idea what I'm talking about lol. BUT I have been fat for ever, and I am guessing that if I lost it as fast as you are... my brain might not except it either!

    I can't remember if you are exercising or not... but maybe that would help you notice changes! Exercising will tone you up, AND walking is a natural Butt lift! Seriously! haha for me anyway.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. I'm so glad that the "much, much worse" wasn't a flesh eating virus or something of the like. Mostly because I think your belly butt is cute.

    As for people noticing your weight loss and you not really noticing yet, I'm pretty sure that's normal - I've seen that a lot on other people's blogs who have had WLS. There is this weird distortion that comes along with it - and you're not alone.

    I bet you look like one sexy mama! I mean, you had me at possible internal infection. :)

    Take care of yourself during this time of healing, though...will you?