Monday, April 5, 2010

I got good news, and I got bad news...

It's another "good news, bad news" post. You know, like, "The good news is you've been promoted. The bad news is that you now are responsible for laying off 200 people." This really happened to me, by the way, so I know me some "good news, bad news."

The good news is that I am now able to fit into my old jackets just in time for the semi-chilly spring weather. I have a gorgeous tan suede and an adorable jean jacket that have been sitting in the closet with no one to wear them for at least 3 years. Now, they may join the rest of humanity and frolic on my shoulders. They will see sites! They will obtain stains! They will...well, you get the picture. I truly am psyched.

The bad news is that I will soon be very, very bald. And double-bad news, I do not have an attractively-shaped head. The Mom would accuse me of being melodramatic, but every time I shower I loose 1/2 lb. of hair. It's getting thinner and thinner and there is no sign of stopping. This is a very common side effect of weight-loss surgery, but between the surgery itself, the low thyroid, and going off the pill I am starting to see shiny scalp under my hair now. So much for growing it to donate--maybe when it (hopefully) grows back eventually.

Moral of the story? Cute jackets that fit again will keep you warm, despite a chilly scalp.


  1. I'm sorry that you are loosing your hair. I didn't know that was a side affect! You seem to have a good attitude, and I love the moral of the story :)
    Fitting into those jackets is awesome!!! I can't wait till I can fit into old clothes!!! (and new ones lol)
    You can check out some wigs! That might be fun, they have good ones now you know, that look real and nice... you could experiment with different colors and styles... think of it as an adventure! Another moral could be "new hair for my new body!!!"

  2. Yay about the new cute jackets! You always did have a great sense of style, so I'm excited to see what cute outfits you'll wear!

    But holy crap about your hair! I guess the good news is that it grows like a mofo, right? So maybe even though you're losing hair quickly, it'll grow in quickly? Hmmmm...

    What do other WLS patients do about this? Is it something that stops eventually as your body gets over the shock?

    Will rubbing "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" on it help? I'm just saying, it's worth a try. :)

  3. OMG. Why did I not think of this? "I Can't Believe It's Not Hair" is pure genius!