Sunday, February 21, 2010

You gotta try this...

I heart Eggface!  She is an amazing blogger who has lost a bijillion pounds since having WLS (weight loss surgery), and is keeping it off by following and blogging about a healthy diet.  Better yet, she posts all of her amazing recipes (great for both surgery patients and their waist-conscious friends and family) and is a great source of answers to the eternal question, "What's for dinner?"

Just yesterday, I made her recipe for pot roast.  It made the most amazing gravy, and it was even simple enough for me to make!  I've seen a lot of pot roast recipes, and I've never seen one like this...easy, inexpensive, and the Best Gravy Ever.  Please follow this link to see her original post (you will need to scroll down to the recipe):  Eggface's Awesome Pot Roast (click here to see her original post)

My guest thought it was great, and I got a wonderful protein that was easily pureed for Pouchie to enjoy.  It may have looked like dog food, but it tasted like AWESOME.

So please, go check out her fabulousness at The World According to Eggface.  Do it right now, and get yourself entered into her giveaway for a bento box (which is this super-cool looking lunchbox):
On second thought, I want to win, so forget that part.  I don't need the competition.

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  1. Pureed pot roast sounds wretched. Though I'm thinking I could do it. Maybe I should have some not pureed pot roast before surgery.