Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bad Pouchie! No! No!

My Pouchie is supposed to be my best friend when it comes to weight loss and better health.  My Pouchie is trying to betray me.

Apparently I have a stomach stricture, and get to have an outpatient hospital visit tomorrow to get Pouchie loosened up enough to let things through.  This is the same issue I had in the hospital, and when I called my surgeon this afternoon to find out if it was a problem that my stomach wouldn't empty his replay was, "Yeah, I'm not surprised." (??!!)  I guess he and Pouchie met during the surgery and he could tell that she didn't like to share her bounty with my intestines (no, they don't have a cute name yet).

Oh, and I also have a string coming out.  That's right.  Not a stitch.  A STRING.  Like a piece of twine.  Poking out of one of the holes in my belly.  Even worse, it's healed into my skin so I now have a perma-string sticking out of me.  I guess I can consider it an adornment, and dye or fringe it for special occasions.  But damn!  First Pouchie betrays me by acting up, and now I have Stringy entering into the mix.  I will never be lonely now.

Creepy, right?  Ya, that's how I feel.  And it's all IN MY BELLY.

I think I should take some oxycodone and call it a night. 

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  1. Have you considered lighting the fuse?
    Your posts are giving me so much to look forward to. I'm dying here (while I'm laughing).