Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pouchie likes! (and Pouchie doesn't like)

If I asked you what your favorite food is, you'd be able to answer, right?  Well, weight loss surgery changes all of that.  Now, I have to take Pouchie into account whenever I answer that question, and Pouchie and I occasionally disagree.  Here are some of her likes and dislikes so far:

Pouchie Likes
Sugar-free Jello, especially cheesecake flavor, with some vanilla protein powder mixed in
SPORTea (click to check it out--it is phenomenally good with no sweetener and it's got great stuff in it)
Crystal Lite raspberry lemonade
Sugar-free popsicles (NOT the "No Sugar Added" popsicles...see below)
Homemade pot roast, pureed (looks like Alpo, tastes like heaven)

Pouchie Dislikes
Items that appear to be appropriate but aren't, such as "No Sugar Added" popsicles and Almond Milk that is sweetened with sugar instead of Splenda, even though the boxes look the same (Damn Marketing Ploy)
Ground beef
Refried beans

On the fence, still, are scrambled eggs and peanut butter.  I'm pulling for them to move into the Likes column!

I think of Oprah, and her "One thing I know for sure."  Well, things that I would have turned my nose up at before surgery (like cottage cheese pancakes) are now delectable.  And yummy standbys that I've loved since childhood are no longer yummy, or edible, or on the plan.  It leaves me with a sense of discombobulation, of unease, of being a stranger with this new body.  One thing for sure is that nothing is sure when it comes to post op eating.  Wait.  I guess that that is the one thing, right?

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