Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tomorrow's the day

...therefore tonight is the night I worry.  Did I make the right decision?  Will I heal well?  Can I ever eat pizza again?  So, to keep occupied and yet still obsess, here is my list of obsessions.
  • I have to bathe in iodine tonight and tomorrow.  What if my shellfish sensitivity is really an allergy to iodine and I turn into one enormous hive?  What if I stain the shower, my bath poof, the towels, or spill it on the cat?  What if I miss a spot?
  • I had to take a stool softener (TMI, I know).  What if I poop on the surgery table?  It happened to a pregnant friend of mine, so you never know.
  • What if, at the last minute, they tell me to go home because they found out that I am weak-willed and desperately want pizza?
  • What if they read this and decide I shouldn't have passed the psych eval after all
  • What if I get that sleep-eating thing tonight and have to reschedule because my stomach isn't empty?
  • What is going to happen with my hair?  All the experts say to expect losing your hair, and I've already lost at least 1/2 of my thickness because of a weird hormone thing.  
  • What if I can't do it, and I don't lose any weight?
  • What if I do it, and then regain everything I lost?
  • What will I wear, and why am I not allowed mascara in the O.R.?  
Okay.  I think that's about all.   I'm off to bathe in iodine.  I think I'll put down a tarp...

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  1. I lost all my hair with chemo. It's not so bad. I looked great bald except the huge airstrip of a flatspot on the back of head which btw, I didn't have to look at because the eyes in the back of my head only worked when my kids were really young.