Sunday, November 7, 2010

Gastric Bypass (and other weight loss) internet tools

To finish up "internet week,"  I thought I'd tell you about a few other great things on the internet that I've really found useful since having gastric bypass.  For those of you that are following for non-surgical weight loss/health, some of these will be really great for you too.

1.  Please go check out BTV (Bariatric TV).  They speak the truth about a healthy post-surgical lifestyle in a funny, interesting way.  Normally I don't like watching videos (I would prefer an article I can print out), but they are a significant exception.  My favorite part of it is the "I Freaking Did It" segment, which is where people who've had the surgery share the new and exciting things they are able to do because of their smaller bodies.  Some of them are riding rollercoasters, or doing a marathon, or riding a horse.  You can see my own "I Freaking Did It" pictures of my first time hiking here on my blog.
2.  Take a look at my blogroll...those are the people that inspire me.  Some of my favorites include Happy Fun Pants, The World According to Eggface, Melting Mama, Shrinking Blubeary, and probably a bunch more that I can't even think of right now.
3.  Do searches for healthy recipes.  Check out,,  Ask your friends for recommendations, or just use a Google search.
4.  As much as I love using the internet as a tool, don't forget to go outside and live.  In fact, I'm cutting my post much shorter than I initially planned so I can go out to work out, shop, and hang out with my friend Goldilocks.

Here's hoping that you found something fun, new, interesting, or educational over this last week.  I know I did!

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