Monday, August 23, 2010

High anxiety--a tribute to Mel Brooks

OK, maybe not a tribute to Mel, but I keep thinking of him singing that  song, "High annnnnnnzzzzzziety!!!"

I've been worried about everything lately.  How much money I (don't) have, how stable is my job, what if I get laid off, how do I go about rebuilding my savings, what will I do when the Beast dies (she's about 87 in people years), what if I never reach my goal weight, what if I do and then regain it all...

I tell you, sometimes my brain is an exhausting place to live in.  Wildly entertaining, but exhausting.

So I'm trying to let go, and live one day at a time (thanks for the reminder, TinaM!).

Is it bad if I say that I'm starting this tomorrow?


  1. Aww you are sooo welcome :) I know how ya feel.

    That is so funny... I just did another post before I came here, and it's The Serenity Prayer! I came across it and it's really what I needed to see today :)
    If you don't know it, it's up on my blog. I'm going to concentrate on those words...

    No, it's fine if you start tomorrow :) Sometimes a good sleep helps put things into perspective... I should follow my own advise huh? Running on about 3 hours right now lol.

    I hope you feel better tomorrow! It will all work out how it's supposed to, and you WILL reach your goal weight :)

  2. You KNOW you will get there if you just keep following "the rules". Remember that Eggface saying that goes something like "You can't continue the same behaviors and expect a different result."

    Carrying that much anxiety would definitely put me in the danger zone with my eating, and I'm working on alternative ways to deal with it. I hope you have found some strategies that help--and if you have, POST THEM for us!!! ::smiles::

  3. Janell--I'm totally with you, sister. I keep asking if we can get an atomizer of lavendar-scented Ativan to spray in people's faces at work to calm them down. Darn it if my boss doesn't always say no...