Sunday, February 19, 2012

Recent obsessions, take 2

If you've read anything in this blog, you may have gotten the impression that I am somewhat obsessive.  I think this trait is pretty common in those of us with food issues, and that it can get worse after bypass (simply because of the nature of being restricted).  So when I get obsessed, it's usually because I found something great and want to share it.  Here is my most recent batch:
* My Champion brand yoga pants.  I found them at COSTCO for a song, and wish I had bought them in every color.  The waist folds down (or up, since with extra business in the front "low rise" tends to mean "flash the guy doing sit ups across from you at the gym").  It comes in "short", which is just the right length for me.  The fabric is light and a little silky so they feel great.  I can't find them anymore except on eBay, and I have a feeling I'm going to have to buy some more before I wear out the pair I have.

* Skinny Crisps in Say Cheese.  They are this little crispy crackers that satisfy the need for crunch, but are gluten free, egg free, low carb, high fiber, and trans fat free.  I find them at Whole Foods, but they are made by a local bakery.  I find that while I REALLY like them, I can stop at an actual serving size without craving more.  The serving size is 4 crackers, and sometimes I get really crazy and have 2 servings at once, giving me only 140 calories, 10 g carbs (4 of which are fiber and only 2 g sugar), 4 g protein, and 9 g fat (no saturated or transfats at all).  They also have onion, plain, seeded, cinnamon, and even chocolate brownie.  If you can't find them at Whole Foods, you can visit their website at

* My new water bottle from Thermos called Intak (pronounced Intake).  Here's why:  no straw (many docs will tell you not to drink from straws post-op because it creates too much swallowed air; I personally think the straw is too hard to clean), the mouthpiece is covered so you don't accidentally grab it with germy hands, you can uncover the mouthpiece by pressing a button one-handed, which is good when you're working out, it's BPA-free, it's narrow enough to fit in a cupholder, it has grippy rippling along the side so it doesn't get too slippery from condensation or sweat, and you can lock it closed so you don't accidentally have it pop open in your gym bag.  It's a long list of pluses, isn't it?  I got mine at Bed Bath & Beyond and used one of their coupons, so it was about $8.00.  Now I need the green.  And the purple.  Here's what it looks like:

*Aunt Gussie's Sugar Free Pecan Meltaways.  Oh My.  They are sugar free and delicious.  They also have a chocolate chip with almonds.  I found them at Whole Foods, but here is a link to their website: .  Be careful, though, they aren't low calorie.  2 cookies is 150 calories, but they are no sugar (yet they taste like real cookies!).  Enjoy in moderation.

Any obsessions you want to share?  List 'em here!

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