Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's time...

Just reaching out, because it's time.  I tend to wander off the path, and this blog (and all the ones I check and read on a regular basis) seems to keep me on track best.

So I had a few minutes this morning to check in and see what was what in virtuality today, and I am so glad I did.  Please go see a few of these excellent posts:
Shrinking Blubeari
Send a congrats to Sheila
And a shout-out to HFP

Hope you like them (and get as much from them as I do).  I have to run off, but I feel a little more centered than I did before.

Thank you all...


  1. Thank you for the link and the comment! I am going to skip support group on husband is getting sleeved (I just blogged about it) but I will be mentally thinking of you all and wishing that it won't be another long month before I see all of you again. Next time, maybe my husband will come with me! :-)

  2. I love your blog!!! :) Found you through my friend Shiela :)

  3. Hey there.... finally got a chance to go out and read your blog - or at least part of it. I'll get back in and read more soon. This is Erica from the support group last night (Monday, May 2nd). You sent me the black bean cake recipe a couple of months ago (I was sitting back in the opposite corner with my partner last night - the one who was there for support and a kick in the ass)... I tried to find you on SparkPeople so that I could friend you, but no such luck. Maybe you can find me and friend ME! You can search on me two ways - either womyn42 at, or Erica Alikchihoo, zip code 80205, age 57. My SparkPeople blog is called Chrysalis, a Journal of Transformation. Not a lot interesting on there right now, but I plan to be more active with it soon. Was good to see you last night. You have some really good ideas, and your positive outlook is inspiring!