Monday, October 5, 2009

In theory...

Hey! I found my blog again! My iMac got the computerized version of H1N1 and went the way of the ole trash bin (which is actually the trunk of my car--I still have the dead hard drive stuck under the seat). So, anyhoo, I lost my blog again and forgot about it until talking to a friend who is MUCH less likely to lose stuff and actually knows where her blog is at all times.

I thought my big comeback post should be about my new favorite phrase. Get ready for it...

"In theory..."

Such a great phrase. Gives an ironic sense of hope that things might actually work out, yet the mere use of the the phrase gives the connotation that you don't really think it will. It says, "I'm extraordinarily hopeful about this happening, but please don't count on it." Like, "Are you going to wake up in time for church tomorrow." Answer: "In theory." "Do you think that it's a good idea to get a full body wax?" Answer: "In theory."

It also works as a great statement. "In theory, you should have a new desk chair. However we work for an impoverished non-profit and must make do with the crust of bread that we are offered until we get our next grant."

Or even use it as the start to a question: "In theory, is mom going to buy us lame matching sweaters for Christmas again?" (The correct answer is, "Just make sure she knows how to get to the Amazon or Sephora wish list.").

Seriously. Try it out. It's quite freeing to answer questions in a way that frustrates the hell out of people, and yet still makes you feel like you answered something.

So, to close out this post: In theory, it won't be another 4 months before I post something new...

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